Work Authorization for U-Visa Applicants

U-Visa for victims of crime

Victims of certain crimes may be eligible to receive U nonimmigrant status (“U-Visa”). Call our office today to discuss whether you are eligible for a U-Visa. The number of U-Visas approved each year is capped at 10,000. USCIS will create a waiting list for U-Visa petitioners and their derivatives. Petitioners placed on the waiting list will be granted deferred action and are eligible to apply for work authorization while waiting for additional U-Visas to become available.

There is a fee associated with the application for Employment Authorization under deferred action status. However, applicants should submit a Request for Fee Waiver if they qualify.

Deferred-Action Employment Authorization Document

Principal applicants should select the (c)(14) category (deferred action) as the basis for their work authorization application. Derivative applicants should submit two (2) work authorization applications–one under deferred action, and one as a derivative applicant. Principal applicants are automatically granted work authorization upon approval of U-Visa application. This automatic authorization does not extend to derivative applicants. Therefore, derivative applicants must submit two (2) applications.

If you’ve filed your application for work authorization but did not select deferred action, our office can help you fix this and convert your application.

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